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Pocket PC et PDA sous Windows CE
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Vous avez développé un programme pour un PDA palm psion ou pocket PC  et vous  désirez le mettre en ligne:    Tout d'abord une liste  en français 

medicalpalm@invivo.net pour tous ceux qui pensent que l'idée est en marche et qui cherchent à être épaulés

Web ring médicaux

http://f.webring.com/hub?ring=canmdpalm&list Canadien don certains sont en français

 http://w.webring.com/hub?ring=medpilot  medical piloteer


Sites médicaux en français

http://netxperience.org/medcalc/fr/tele.html le même qu'en anglais ... mais en français ++++

http://www.barmacooper.com/drcooper.palm/palmlinksfmain.html site canadien très sympa et complet

http://www.medecine-fr.com/index.php avalanche de programmes pour pda

http://www.palmfr.com/palmotheque.php3 ressources pour génies du palm

En Anglais

On rève ! http://www.rnpalm.com/Wireless_Data_Access%20_Clinical_Environment.htm expérience de documents embarqués sur palm ! CEDARS SINAI MEDICAL CENTER

http://medicalpocketpc.com/articles/palmdocs.shtml livres pour ppc et palm

 http://emedicine.com/ librairie pour pda ( livres et programmes (en anglais)

 http://www.pdamd.com/vertical/home.xml applications Médicales en anglais Lippincott Williams & Wilkins' popular Recall Series books available for both Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds

http://www.netxperience.org/medcalc/    calculs divers en anglais conversions incuses


http://nav.webring.yahoo.com/hub?ring=medpilot&list un Web-ring de 60 sites en anglais  vous y trouverez sûrement quelque chose

http://www.collectivemed.com/pda/  première source Internet pour les applications médicales soft et hard

http://pbrain.hypermart.net/medapps.html liste de programmes libres et du commerce

 http://www.emedicine.com/demo/pda.htm démo de emedecine 

 http://www.medrevu.com/  livres et revues médicales en anglais


Freewares liste tirée du catalogue http://www.palmfr.com/ 01/04/2001 merci 

24-aoû-00 Nutrimate Light  Bêta 1 - build 152  Nouveau  Mise à Jour   
Equilibrez votre alimentation et retrouvez votre poids de forme en toute liberté. Nutrimate Light... [Lire]

 2-aoû-00 MedCalc  2.64  Nouveau  Mise à Jour   
Calculateur medical avec plus de 40 équations et la possibilité de stocker les résultats par patient dans... [Lire]

 16-mai-00 13 Essential Vitamins    
Ce document visualisable avec iSilo Free présente les 13 vitamines essentielles pour garder la forme... [Lire]

 8-mar-00 Eponyms  1.11  
Eponyms vous donne la définition de plus de 900 éponymes médicaux, à la fois au format Doc et JFile Pro.... [Lire]

 16-jan-00 AsthmaMeds Management  1.0  
AsthmaMeds Management vous assiste dans votre traitement contre l'asthme. Il permet de gérer diverses... [Lire]

 12-déc-99 Arterial System   
Arterial System liste les principales artères en fournissant également diverses informations sur chacune... [Lire]

 20-avr-98 Aminoacids   
Aminoacids fournit une liste d'acides-aminés. Pratique pour les étudiants en médecine, pharmacie ou biologie. [Lire]


Anesthesia Education
Varied educational material for anesthesia residents, nurses, and other practitioners. Formatted for easy access by handhelds. Includes basic information, local preferences, recent article summaries, and more.

PocketMD software enables a simplified and sophisticated patient database management system for students and physicians. A 700+ drug database is included as a component of the program.

A comprehensive site, primarily aimed at physicians who current use a PDA or are looking at doing so in the near future. Focused on coming developments and program downloads.

Y Technology, Inc.
Y Technology, Inc develops PalmOS software for the health care professional. Current offerings include WaitingRoom (a patient tracker), and SoapDish (a note system for Mental Health Workers).

Healthy Palmpilot
Healthy Palmpilot features the net's most comprehensive repository of medical resources for the Palm OS.

site geared for Pediatricians and other physicians who use a Palm Pilot. Includes immunization schedules, drug formularies, medical calculations and other databases.

Physik's PalmPilot Pages
A simple website describing how I use a PalmPilot in my work as a junior hospital physician in the UK. You can also download "Physik's Lists" - my database of medical aide-memoires which are compiled in the "List" format.

MedCalc is a free medical calculator designed for rapid calculation of more than 30 medical equations. It's free, easy-to-use and features a database where you can store the results of the equations.

Malaysian Medical PalmPilot Page
Web page dedicated to my medical programs for the palm pilot and malaysia

MemoWare archives thousands of documents spanning nearly every conceivable topic, including medicine, classic literature, science fiction, technical references, maps, databases, historical biographies, sports team schedules, poetry, and dozens of other categories, for PDAs of every sort.

Medical Piloteer
Linking webpages dedicated to providing health care resources for Palm and other handheld devices

Franklin Electronic Publishers
Franklin offers the Physicians' Desk Reference for the Palm and Windows CE operating systems. Future titles will include The Washington Manual, Harrison's Handbook, and The Medical Letter Handbook of Adverse Drug Interactions.

ZapCoder for HCFA E/M Coding
Zap Coder allows the practitioner to quickly accurately determine the proper procedure code for the services they have performed. It takes less than a minute to check off the services and the Zap Coder then calculates the proper billing code.

The Medical Palm Source
Here you will find a number of useful applications, documents (both original and found elsewhere), and tips for squeezing every last drop of productivity out of your Palm OS device when you're in the clinic, on the wards, or valiantly fighting the urge to sleep through grand rounds.

Doctor'sPalm.com provides Palm OS Medical Resources for physicians, residents, and medical students. Download software, purchace Palm devices and accessories, and medical referrence books for your white coat pocket. The source for your Peripheral Brain.

Andrew Yee's Medical Eponym Page for the Palm
Rovsing's sign? Virchow's node? Here's a database of over 1,170 common and obscure medical eponyms in Doc and JFile formats. Last updated October 15, 2001.

Pilot First Aid Page
A complete collection of First Aid information for the Pilot, available as individual files (both DOC and plain txt formats) or as a single bookmarked DOC file.

Handheld Computers in Family Medicine
Formerly "Palm Pilot Corner". Designed to help medical professionals get the most out of their handhelds. Contains information and recommendations on essential programs to install, and creating your own Palm documents and databases. Also has a collection of files available for download.

My palm medical applications (Apache II score and Glasgow coma scale); medical resources for physicians, pharmacists, nurses.

PalmExpress Canada
Palm Express is Canada's best site for buying PDAs, PDA accessories, and medical software. There is also great links to useful PDA medical resources for medical students, residents, and consultant physicians.

Web site designed as a working portal to medical information and useful sites for physicians in a day to day practice. Site also has excellent patient information available. At our office (10 physicians) both the doctors and nurses use it as an always available reference page to get to needed information and tools. It is continuously updated.

Clinical Medicine Consult
Promotes access to a set of clinical reference medical texts written for the Palm OS. Texts are for medical personnel to optimized patient care.

Medizinische Datenbanken fuer Patienten und mehr
Derzeitiger Schwerpunkt ist die Software MedicPlaner, in der alle wichtigen persönlichen medizinischen Daten einfach verwaltet werden können. Eine wertvolle Unterstützung bei den nächsten Fragen Ihres Arztes. - Weitere Programme sind in der Planung und werden ergänzt.

Stanford Anesthesia Handheld Educational Web
A Stanford University Department of Anesthesia website containing educational and support materials for anesthesiologists. The site is formatted for handheld computers.

Riley Kidometer
PalmOS™ software for pediatricians which provides age-based normals.

Palm Databases for Ontario Physicians
This site contains free databases for the Ontario Limited Use Products codes, the OHIP fee schedule, the OMA fee schedule and diagnostic codes for use on the Palm. It uses List, a freeware database reader which is available on the site. This reader has a simple, intuitive interface and you can find what you are looking for faster than using the books.

PDASURGERYTM aims to revolutionize surgical education and surgical practice through the developement of unique PDA software solutions. Improved surgical education and data management can significantly enhance the quality of patient care. Our mission is to transform conventional surgery into e-surgery

The Medical PDA Online Mall
A virtual mall featuring independent developers of medical PDA software.

UW PalmDocs
Medical Palm Applications for healthcare professionals and Med Students!

BookMarc - Website for Medical Professionals
BookMarc.com is the internet resource for medical professionals who wish to gain from the power of the internet.

PacoPalmPilot - Doc
Page of PacoPalmPilot, dedicated to the medicine, contains diverse documents on vitamins, the cancer, history of the medicine, proverbs and humor doctors, etc. (in Spanish language)

MeisterMed - Home of the Meister Series
Includes original freeware and shareware medical references for the Palm OS PDA. CodeMeister is a diagnosis and procedure billing reference. LyteMeister is an electrolyte management, normal lab value, and ABG interpretation tool. Visit today and find out what all your colleagues have discovered about the Meister series.

The Doctors' Reference Site
This page provides links to resources relating to handheld computers.

Alanna's Home Page
A website for the Palm Pilot user in the medical field (M.D.s, D.O.s, R.N.s and more)! Find tips for using your Palm or Handspring device, software recommendations (Medicine related and others) and links to medical web pages. Especially useful for medical residents.

Pocket Paramedic
Pocket Paramedic is a resource of handheld technology for the Fire / EMS profession. Our forums provide a link to other users to share information and ideas.

MCV Med Peds Residency Program PDA page
A list of links helpful to the med/peds residents at the Medical College of Virginia.

Pediatrics on Hand
Visit the site dedicated to anyone in pediatrics with a Palm OS based PDA. We try to keep a comprehensive list of pediatic resources. Also tips/Top 5 suggestions/great PDA and peds links

Medizinische Palm Datenbanken
Medizinische Palm Datenbanken deutsch

The Family Physician's Guide to Handheld Computers
This site provides one well-organized location to obtain information regarding the use of handheld computers by family physicians and other medical professionals. Pages include: What Kind to Get?, Software Review, Create Software, EMR & Scripts, Other Applications, Links, and Recent Information.

drcooper.palm is a HandHeld Friendly medical website designed by a family physician. drcooper.palm est un site web médical conçu par un médecin de famille pour les systèmes Palm.


Medically oriented uses for the Palm Pilot; my humble opinion of the best uses for the pilot in medicine and an occassional thought about why I choose what I do. Good for neophytes and advanced users alike.

Documents for the Palm Computing® Connected Organizers
An ever growing collection of free e-books & documents addressing a wide range of topics, from literary works to medical information.

Paediatric PDA site
I am a general Pediatrician, and a PDA hobbiest. I have created several database files that help be tremendously in my practice. I primarily work with Think BD program.

Qvadis - makers of award-winning Express Reader all-in-one PC and Palm document reader, and provider of e-text resources, including reviewed and updated e-text links (including Medical Texts category), Palm news, print and electronic bookstore, and more!

Virtual Medical Center
Find links to the best palm sites on the internet.

Pen Computer Solutions
Pen Computer Solutions designs, programs and integrates custom medical software applications for the PalmPilot, Palm III, IIIx, V, VII and Symbol SPT 1500.

Medical Data Solutions
Medical Data Solutions is new company, started by physicians, with the goal of providing mobile IT solutions for the health care professional. Our technology will help provide physicians, nurses, & other clinicians with access to critical information where they need it most - at the bedside.

Palm, MD
New site..work on progress. will try to specialize in testimonials of palms in action in the medical field

Palm Medical
Le site francophone de ressources médicales pour Palm 3Com

Mi Palm en Medicina Geriátrica
Página dedicada a utilidades de la Palm en la atención geriátrica.

Burdie's Medical Palm Site
Looking to upgrade your Palm Pilot memopad with Medical topics? Then this is your source. Over 250 items which can be cut and paste into your memopad (or Hi-Note). Also a good source for medical applications and documents.

DocZ's Medical Page
I have put together a collection of articles and information for pediatrics, but much of it also relates to other parts of medicine. I also have a database for use with mathpad.

CollectiveMed.com - Medical PDA Software
Online retailer of medical PDA software and hardware including Palm Connected Organizers, Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs.

Palm för medicin.
A review of medical apps and bookmarks for PalmOS in Swedish.

Medical School:In the Palm of Your Hand
An introduction to use of the Palm OS device in the basic sciences of medical school curriculum. Links. Notes and apps coming soon...

Jim's Palm Pages
Eclectic collection of tips for Palm users, with an Emergency Medicine focus.

Synapsesoft, Inc.
Featuring procedure and patient tracking software (ProcLog and Rounder) for the Palm platform. Both ProcLog and Rounder are integrated on the same database structure to eliminate duplicate data entry. Several database options to support individual and departmental HotSync connectivity are available

AnesthesiaPRO Digital QA Software
Easy to use, low-cost clinician tracking of anesthesia performance measures, now available for Palm OS handhelds. Our JCAHO compliant system is also available for other perioperative areas.

Patient Communications
A website dedicated to improve patient communications and the accuracy of the medical history A palm book with 68 differential diagnosis mnemonics is available

Page describing the way I use the Palm IIIx and the Newton Message Pad in my medical practice.


1-Box™ - Simplifying Practice Management
1-Box™ simplifies practice management by integrating Palm™, desktop, and Internet functionality. Compatible with the most popular practice management software, 1-Box™ is the only product that consolidates patient/insurance information, rounds information, and diagnostic/procedure codes.

Palm, Office and research resources for psychiatry, psychology and social work.

Mike's PalmPilot Page
Useful links and files for medical students and physicians.

Medical Palm
Deutsche medizinische Datenbanken und Referenzen

e-MedTools Medical Software - Palm Pilot and Win95/98
The developers of several titles related to Evidence based medicine, microbiology, medcal records, and common calculations.

Washington University Medical Palm Initiative
The Washington University Medical Palm Initiative is a project that promotes the use of the Palm in a medical setting. This site contains information on medical and general uses of the Palm.

Improving medical education and patient care using hand
HandyCards is a flash card study aid which allows users to create an unlimited number of questions/answer pairs either on their desktop computer or in HandyCards itself. Some of the other features include randomization of question order, quiz scoring, and switching questions and answers.

PregCalc Obstetrical Calculator
PregCalc is the obstetrical calculator for PalmOS. It can calculate EDD, mean fetal measurements, gestational age for any given date, and much more.

Livres médicaux pour pc ppc et palm ( catalogue ) 

Name Description Cost Date Added
EMERGENCY! Be Prepared! Vital information in the fastest way possible. Let your Pocket PC help when you need it most! $5 2001-10-28
Medical Center The best software for Medicals centers $295.95 2001-09-16
PocketHealth A personal health database in the palm of your hand! $9.95 2001-09-08
WeightCalc A calculator to accurately track your weight. freeware 2001-09-08
PocketLibrary Allscripts TouchWorks Pocket Library Series Titles - 5 clinical trials (30 days free) and 1 freeware (PocketAnatomy) downloads from Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, the leader in HCIT Clinical Handheld Technology varies by module. Free to $54.95 2001-09-07
TalkNotes Portable very accurate voice recognition for medical documentation varies 2001-08-27
www.healthengage.com Software for chronic illness patients and doctors (the first release is for asthma) to chart, monitor and track vital health information $29.99 on sale/free trial downlo 2001-07-31
Digital Doc Musculoskeletal EMR $495 2001-07-14
PEPID Portable Emergency and Primary Care Information Database. Over 1500 medical presentations, drug and herbal remedies section, complete ED and organ-systems sections. $39.95 for 6-month subscription 2001-06-26
reViewMD a DICOM image viewer, supports many other image file formats including, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video, BMP, 2BP, JPG, JPE, JPEG, GIF, PCX, PCD, TIF, TIFF $149 2001-05-22
Pocket Anatomy a unique atlas of normal anatomy, selected procedures, and disease states freeware 2001-05-09
Drugguide special version of the Lexi-Comp Drug Information Handbook, optimized for Pocket PC devices and the TouchWorks Pocket Library reader. $39.95 2001-05-09
Pediatric Druguide this title provides all the information necessary for pediatric dosing and proper use of medications for children and infants $39.95 2001-05-09
Geriatric Druguide Based on the Geriatric Dosage Handbook published by Lexi-Comp, this title provides all the information necessary for geriatric dosing and proper use of medications for older adults. $39.95 2001-05-09
Chili a teleradiology system running on the iPAQ <=$1500 2001-04-30
Mobile MedData Personal software for Chiropractors. $129 2001-04-22
PocketChart PocketChart puts point-of-care functionality and a self-contained electronic medical record in the palm of your hand. $2499 inc iPAQ 2001-03-26
Cairo® provides documentation management for the chiropractic profession $1995 2001-03-23
CE On-Call tracking patient information $20 2001-01-03
MedCenter PocketPC medical billing and patient record software ?? 2000-12-06
Handheldmed Reader Handheldmed Book reader freeware 2000-10-06
Archimedes Innovative specialty calculator for the medical professional freeware 2000-10-02
5 Minute Clinical Consult very comprehensive and structured clinical resource $64.95 2000-09-27
LexiDrugs Complete database of more than 1500 drugs $64.95 2000-09-27
PediatricDrugs complete database of more than 3,400 paediatric-sensitive medications and 640 drug monographs. $64.95 2000-09-27
GeriatricDrugs complete database of more than 2,440 geriatric-sensitive medications and 770 drug monographs $64.95 2000-09-27
CardioDrugs cardiology-related drug information containing 374 generic drug monographs. $64.95 2000-09-27
IDBook over 166 infectious disease syndromes, 245 key tests and procedures, 322 antimicrobial agents and info on 152 infectious disease organisms. $64.95 2000-09-27
AnCCDrugs anaesthesiology and critical care drug information resource $64.95 2000-09-27
PsychiatricDrugs psychiatric drug resource that covers over 4,000 brand names and contains over 1,063 generic drug monographs. $64.95 2000-09-27
DentalDrugs covers over 5,000 drugs commonly prescribed, by dentists $64.95 2000-09-27
Outlines in Clinical Medicine comprehensive medical reference containing over 700 separate outlines $64.95 2000-09-27
First Aid quick reference guide to step-by-step guidelines for emergency first aid £5 ($8) 2000-09-12
PocketScript Speech-Driven Interface (SDI) technology for wireless, handheld e-prescribing system varies 2000-09-12

Apprea logiciels et applications gratuites pour la réanimation USI et Urgences apprea@free.fr